Workshop Resume: Working to principle (ATI 2019)

Download to read the PDF 1. Working to principle when faced with the unusual and the unexpected This paper aims to show how "conscious control", that is, control by guiding our mind with a series of verbal & rational instructions makes it possible to meet the requirement of a [...]

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What is dexterity?

This series of questions was asked via email, after a third lesson, by a new pupil who is not a teacher (nor a student of a training center) of the modern Alexander technique. You could say he is a "lay person", a person who does not have specialised or professional knowledge in the subject. [...]

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20190321_Q&A_What is the link between self-regulation and self-preservation

Q1. Mh.  You said "Self-speech is central to both self regulation and self preservation", I don't understand the link between these two. A1. Before explaining the link Alexander described between the two concepts, it is important to start by defining the first one, the less well known of the two [...]

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Q&A_Is it normal to feel discomfort in controlling directly the muscles of the abdominal wall?

Q1. I've been practicing adjusting my [movements] organization throughout the day and have been experiencing some resulting sensation in my abdomen which feels a little uncomfortable. Is this normal? Maybe I'm just not used to having my abdomen pulled back? A1. Is it normal to feel a little uncomfortable? If your [...]

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20191011_Q&A_the task of reasoning out the movements of the parts of the torso

------------------------ question 1. The method of learning by experiment and working on your own initiative/incentive: it seems to me that it's not only that we learn by doing, solving problems and figuring things out - but it's that this very act of reasoning out movements that is developing and strengthening the higher cognitive functions [...]

20190705_Q&A_Is there a risk to end up with more tension in the experiments of conscious guidance of the initial Alexander Technique?

————————————question I’m trying to experiment in my everyday activities with the orders that I know so far but I’m afraid that there’s the possibility of over doing it some times and end up with more muscle tensions than before. And from what I knew so far, one main goal of AT is to [...]