20190321_Q&A_What is the link between self-regulation and self-preservation

Q1. Mh.  You said "Self-speech is central to both self regulation and self preservation", I don't understand the link between these two. A1. Before explaining the link Alexander described between the two concepts, it is important to start by defining the first one, the less well known of the two [...]

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Q&A_Is it normal to feel discomfort in controlling directly the muscles of the abdominal wall?

Q1. I've been practicing adjusting my [movements] organization throughout the day and have been experiencing some resulting sensation in my abdomen which feels a little uncomfortable. Is this normal? Maybe I'm just not used to having my abdomen pulled back? A1. Is it normal to feel a little uncomfortable? If your [...]

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20190705_Q&A_Is there a risk to end up with more tension in the experiments of conscious guidance of the initial Alexander Technique?

————————————question I’m trying to experiment in my everyday activities with the orders that I know so far but I’m afraid that there’s the possibility of over doing it some times and end up with more muscle tensions than before. And from what I knew so far, one main goal of AT is to [...]


Dynamic Poise: how directing the mind rationally can replace old somatic habits of guidance Conscious guidance and control of concerted movements: going back to basics This workshop is about working on oneself⁠The participants will not be touched or manipulated as the workshop is about working on oneself with conscious (non-sensory) guidance. with [...]

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ATI_2019_Workshop2_ Proposal

    A question of Conception in our practice of Leaning back or forward with the whole torso: Expanding the torso consciously to the best advantage in the general use of the mechanisms "Now the narrowing and arching of the back already referred to are exactly opposite to what is required by nature, and to [...]

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    A question of Conception: How to coordinate the movements of the different parts of the torso in Bending the Knees to the best advantage "Every moment you have to balance yourself. As you move, you have no hands on you. The only difference you can make is in how you organize yourself from [...]

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20190304_Q&A_What is lengthening the stature?

Q1. In our last lesson you said there was not muscle that could lift the throat that is above it. Couldn't the sternocleidomastoid raise the throat towards [toe] the mastoid process? When I look at my video, the mastoid process is behind the throat so the pull would be up and back, which isn't desirable, [...]

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20190226_Q&A_weight shifting versus dynamic tensional system

Q1. I seem to have some confusion about the redistribution of weight, momentum, and the ability of tensional forces to prevent me from falling. Here is the current (and apparently faulty) conception I have: If I am standing, and I extend my arms fully forward at a 90 degree angle to [...]

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Model-based reasoning in the Alexander technique

Model based reasoning in the Alexander technique This article arose as an answer to a question (below) of one of my young students. You will quickly see that there is more than just the requested answer as I continue to explain a) the form of reasoning Alexander was endorsing in his books and b) how [...]

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To See or not to See, reflexion on pedagogical tools

    To See or not to See, reflexion on pedagogical tools The problem is of changing coordination by creating a new concerted activity, not of refining sensory appreciation If the problem is somatic in origin, therefore it cannot be changed by somatic means. And to those who are advocating individual right and individual endeavour [...]

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